HEY.... its been a while..

there were so many things to be shared..
quite puzzled! a bit dizzy yet unstable.
to make it simple here...
its been a while since I left my  FOUNDATION in TESL course for the past a year.. (great)
at present..  am in KBM MALACCA.. pursuing degree in BUS management.(human resource)
it is new subject to me indeed.. regardless that am not on this track back then.. ive to get with the flow..
THIS is what i want actually.. :D. ALHAMDULILLAH for that..
bla. bla.. bla.. recently ive came across the absolute ambiance or scenario of being a degree student..
one word to resemble everything.. 'HECTIC' which I defined as everything must be on time..
day by day.. yet up till i sat for couple of tests.. accomplishing pile of assignments..
SOMETIME.. i even skip the class... it was done unintentionally.. due to what?
coping with this phase of life precisely study life.. I have to be matured enough... yes! TIME IS GOLD...
not to say am giving up or what.. it is just that the feeling of easily getting bored, seldom feel demotivated..
BUT.. i keep the strength.. boost up the spirit.. speed up the energy to excel and be the best.. even that doubt me much! WHOA!....  long live fiqi.. ciooow!

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